Does Walmart Make Wedding Cakes In 2022?

On the most significant days of your life! You might have it all at a wedding, but you also need a whimsical cake to make it all worth it. A beautiful cake, nevertheless, frequently comes with a ridiculous asking price. So in order to make the perfect cake that doesn’t cost you a bank balance, you need to find an affordable bakery. Knock knock! Walmart is at your service.

Whether you’re looking for an old-fashioned cake or anything more exceptional, Walmart has got your back. Here is all you need to know about cakes at Walmart:

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Does Walmart Make Wedding Cakes In 2022?

Walmart is functioning on making wedding cakes internally. As soon as they are completed, the cost is discounted to purchasing the item from a go-between. Similarly, it takes less time to make the cake and deliver it to you promptly.

Correspondingly, Walmart has decided to have a committed wedding cake subdivision where they will have ready-to-buy as well as custom-made cakes. While it will be more affluent than purchasing a ready-to-buy cake, it will be more tailored. Walmarts’ customers will be able to buy a cake that will be transported straight to their homes.

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What Is The Procedure for Ordering a Wedding Cake From Walmart?

If you are ordering a cake, make sure you get in touch with the decorator as well. But here is an overall look at the designs Walmart has to offer:

  • Having borders: The one with borders makes for a decent photographic design.
  • No borders: The one without borders is typically the most minimal one. It is the finest fit with the trivial decor.
  • Rounded borders: Round ones are one of the most fashionable, so they can be very valuable for any wedding.

You can check out the Walmart Wedding Cakes page too. It shows you numerous cake selections, counting cakes having 2,3,6,8 and 12 tiers.

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What Flavors and Colors Wedding Cakes Do Walmart Make?

The number of flavors and hues on the Walmart wedding cake is massive! It’s actually like any other sponge cake. You can go for a classic white, delectable chocolate or plain marble/ yellow sponge. And similarly, you can choose strawberry or white cream as the filling. Here are some of the topping colors that can be asked for:

  • White
  • Black
  • Multi-Colored
  • Translucent

Naturally, there are some colors that will look prettier on a certain type of cake. And the decorator can help you make that choice more easily. “Translucent” would look elegant for a white cake. For a rainbow cake, you could opt for “Multi-Colored”  and “Black” if you’re going for a regal theme.

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When Should I Place an Order for a Cake From Walmart?

Preferably, Walmart needs a minimum of eight or more days beforehand. This is especially applicable if the cake your wedding cake is very big in size. They require ample time to meet all your stipulations and prepare your cake in the perfect way possible.

Additional custom cakes from Walmart, counting festivity cakes for graduations as well as birthdays, can be made as early as 24 hours beforehand. These cakes don’t require a lot of modifications.


How Much Will A Walmart Wedding Cake Cost Me?

There isn’t an actual rate for Walmart’s customized wedding cakes. The exact cost of the cake you get will totally be dependent on your requirements and size. For instance, a single-tiered wedding cake with a minimalistic design will naturally be less costly than a three-tiered one with intricate buttercream work or bride and groom figurines.

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That said, even the most elaborate wedding cakes will be very reasonable at Walmart. As an overall guide, for a two-tiered wedding cake, you can imagine paying about $60. A three-tier wedding cake will be up to $140.

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What are some of the best designs that I can get?

A 3-tier white cake adorned with bows for the bride:

  • Minus filling: $125
  • With filling: $135

A sophisticated 3-tiered wedding cake has two flavors. You can either get white or chocolate. And you get to choose from different fillings, i.e., lemony, strawberry, classic ream or raspberry. It is super chic, but it’s also tremendously flavorsome and economical!

A Two-tier Tuxedo Cake that’ll complement the groom perfectly

  • Minus filling: $48
  • With filling: $58                                                                                               

Groom’s cakes look absolutely stunning on the table. With the affordable rates Walmart offers, your groom can have a sleek tuxedo cake that everyone will swoon over! This two-tier cake can be made for up to 65 guests. You can even top it off with a topper of choice.

A Three-tier Champagne colored cake that is a classic

  • Minus filling: $125
  • with filling: $135

A Champagne-colored cake will look regal in a wedding set! You can modify this cake by utilizing icing shades in classic white, dark chocolate or Champagne. Since it has multiple tiers, it will serve 134 guests. If you’re looking for a cake that will leave the guests awed by its beauty as well as taste, this one fits right in the picture.

Wedding cakes at Walmart propose enchanting tastes for every bridal event. The prices are so reasonable that you can have a gorgeous cake and also have money left over for additional settings.

Ways to Order A Wedding Cake From Walmart

There are multiple methods to order a wedding cake. You can either place the order in stores or even online. For customized orders, it is definitely better to go to the store. It permits you to speak straight to the cake decorator and give all your specifications. They will give you valuable feedback on your concepts and offer substitutes, advice or additional cake designs to choose from if you’re confused.

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How to Order Online

If you want to order online, just check out Walmart’s Order Ahead site. You can select an already-made cake or add the details to make a customized cake. The user interface will keep giving you options to select the base, color, décor etc., as you go along.

What Additional Wedding Day Basics Does Walmart Have?

Walmart has an extensive range of additional wedding day basics as well. You can grab some elegant wedding stationery, check out classic wedding rings, assorted decorations for the service and greeting, and a lot more. Walmart is known for its economical merchandise, so you can also grab a lot of cute stuff on a very tight budget.

They likewise have decorations as well as additional stuff for bridal showers or other pre-wedding parties. For those planning their wedding, you might also be fascinated by Walmart’s ring services!

Wrap it all up

Yes, you can get a stunning and delightful wedding cake at a Walmart store. You can select from gorgeous ready-to-buy cakes or design anything of your own liking. Make unquestionable you check with your baker prior to making absolute choices, though.

The lynchpin of any wedding is the cake. And Walmart has the whole kit and caboodle you want to make a faultless cake. So kick off your wedding preparation by seeing Walmart’s wedding cake assortment!

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