Top 20 E-commerce Platforms for 2021

Are you planning to launch your online store? With virtualization becoming the new norm, selling online is not optional. You must move your business to the virtual space to remain relevant and competitive.

When you think of starting an online shop, choosing an e-commerce platform is the first task. Your platform of choice should offer you the required functionalities and features to support your business and help it scale. However, there are many e-commerce platforms available in the market today.

To help you make the right decision, here are the top 20 e-commerce platforms you need to consider in 2021:  

1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform for launching an online store. This SaaS platform offers great features and customizations to enable you to create a modernized storefront. Also, it has in-built HTML, SEO-friendly, and mobile responsive. The platform supports multichannel selling.

In addition, it has various plans to help you pick the right match for your business. However, the platform does not have a mobile app and limits sales based on your plan which are its downfalls.

2. Shopify

Shopify is another popular e-commerce platform. It offers an easy launch user-interface making it one of the biggest houses for online stores. Also, this one-stop-shop e-commerce platform provides the user with the required tools and features to help you start selling online.

It is mobile-friendly, offers various pricing plans, and Amazon integrations. However, it has weak SEO and high transaction fees for non-Shopify payment mode users.

3. Magento

If you are looking for a flexible and solid e-commerce platform, Magento is a perfect idea. This open-source e-commerce platform comes with great features to help developers’ design and customers online stores according to the user’s needs. So, you can customize your store to make it appealing and user-friendly.

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However, you need some web development knowledge or hire a developer to build your store on Magento.

4. Wix

Wix is among the latest e-commerce platforms targeting people with zero coding knowledge. This platform comes with drag-and-drop features enabling you to build an online shop within no time. Also, it features modern templates and functionalities that help you create a unique online store. However, it is only suitable for startups and small businesses.

5. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is another leading open source e-commerce platform from WordPress. The platform helps any WordPress website owner to transform it into an online store. This is possible as WooCommerce is available as a plugin. All the site owners need to do is install it and get the storefront features. As well, it is SEO friendly and highly customizable. But, it has poor support and some scalability issues.

6. Volusion

Volusion is among the top full cloud-based e-commerce platforms. This platform offers a variety of in-built features to help you build your online store without requiring other costly add-ons. Also, it allows you to switch from one template to the other without affecting your content.

7. Squarespace

Squarespace is a beginner-friendly e-commerce platform. The platform comes with superb drag and drop features and customization templates. It is easy to use and build your store. Also, it is an all-in-one hosted platform that helps you to make an attractive e-commerce website.

8. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a good idea for people looking for a cloud-based open-source e-commerce platform. This platform offers you an opportunity to download and customize it or opt for the paid option. It is developer-friendly. However, you need to cough some money for add-ons to achieve your desired customization levels.

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9. X-Cart

This platform is a modernized e-commerce platform that offloads you the monthly subscriptions. Instead of monthly, it comes with a lifetime subscription plan. It has numerous integrations and zero transaction fees. Also, it is customizable and scalable. But, you need to have some developer skills to use it.

10. Open Cart

OpenCart is an e-commerce platform that offers you an opportunity to set advanced user privileges and the ability to manage several stores under one admin. As an open-source platform, the platform has strong community support. It is a good choice for modules and functionalities.

11. Shift4Shop

Formerly 3D cart, Shift4Shop comes with a bundle of integrated SEO tools and CRM. These tools help you manage and store essential information in one place. You can sell unlimited products and offers different plans to match different business needs.

12. Ecwid

This platform is an online store that allows multichannel selling. You can easily sync and sell items on varying online marketplaces, social media, and websites.

13. nopCommerce

nopCommerce is suitable for people seeking a flexible and scalable e-commerce platform. It is SEO friendly, feature various marketing tools and integrations, and support multi-store and multi-vendor. 

14. CoreCommerce

This platform offers a fast and easiest interface for building your online shop. It has superb features and tools that support its functioning and security. The platform supports Multilanguage and multi-currency while offering a variety of third-party integrations

15. Miva

Miva is your reliable e-commerce platform for boosting sales. It has great features that enable you to create an online store that your business deserves.

16. CS-Cart

This platform is a good idea for businesses seeking to launch multi-vendor marketplaces or single seller stores. It offers hosted and self-hosted options to match your desires. The platform has amazing features to help you stand out in the e-commerce arena.

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17. BigCartel

Big Cartel is a powerful e-commerce platform designed to help you build an online store, sell your products, and operate a creative venture. The platform comes with a wide range of functionalities and tools to help you run a successful online store.

18. Weebly

Weebly is another e-commerce platform featuring a drag-and-drop dashboard. This platform offers you over 50 customized templates to ease your store building process.

19. osCommerce

osCommerce is a free and downloadable e-commerce platform. It comes with over 9000 free add-ons which make it easy for you to build your online store. Also, it has a backup of excellent developers’ community that help you resolve any issues. 

20. PinnacleCart

This platform is an all-in-one online shopping cart. It provides you with easy tools and functionalities for establishing your online store. The platform offers competitive plans to help you pick your perfect option.


As you can see, you have a range of e-commerce platforms that you can consider. Most of the platforms in this list offer free trials while others have a free plan. So, you can use that opportunity to try them before considering a long-term commitment.

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