How Much Is An Oil Change At Walmart In 2022?

Walmart is an American international retail company that runs a chain of supermarkets, discount section stores, and grocery stores. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, the company was originated by Sam Walton in 1962 and started on October 31, 1969.

Walmart has 11,500 stores and clubs in 27 republics, working in 59 different designations. The company works under the name Walmart in the USA and Canada. It’s called Walmart de México y Centroamérica in Mexico and Central America. It’s known as Asda in the United Kingdom. People in Japan will know it as the Seiyu Group and as Best Price in India.


How Much Is An Oil Change At Walmart In 2022?

With time, the oil in your car will stop working and become less operative. This can bring about numerous problems, counting reduced fuel efficiency. It also causes augmented deterioration of your engine. To keep your car running effortlessly, it’s significant to change the oil frequently. Depending on how frequently you drive and the kind of oil you use, you might need to change your oil after 5000 to 7,500 miles.

Walmart is a fantastic option if you want to save money on your following oil change. The retail giant proposes a diversity of oil change packages beginning at merely $19.88 for a basic oil change. And it can charge $50 for a more superior oil change. You’ll get up to five quarts of normal oil and a fresh filter for this value. If you need synthetic oil, you can imagine paying a tad extra. closeup photo of black analog speedometer

Oil Change Types at Walmart

Oil prices might differ depending on where you have your car checked. Walmart oil change services are fundamentally what you would imagine from a rapid lube service.

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The most usual type of oil change at Walmart is the normal oil you’d imagine from other oil change facilities. You can carry it in your car, they will service it, and then you disburse the bill. Nevertheless, Walmart proposes three main categories of oil change:

1. Pit Crew Oil Change

This is the most simple oil change presented by Walmart. It comprises equal to five quarts of conventional motor oil, a fresh oil filter, and chassis lube. This facility comprises checking and tuning car tire pressure and examining the battery’s functioning. The charge for this service begins at $19.88.

Pit Crew Oil Change is suggested for vehicles with just 30,000 miles on them that ride on usual motor oil.

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2. Standard Oil Change

This oil refill embraces equal to five quarts of regular oil. When the oil is being altered, a fresh oil filter is also encompassed, in addition to a chassis lube. The worth for this facility begins at $29.88

3. High Mileage Oil Change

This includes selections for semi-synthetic oil. You can also get 5 quarts of high-mileage oil. A fresh oil filter is provided to the customer in conjunction with a chassis lubricator to substitute the previous ones.

Merely vehicles with in excess of 75,000 mileage need high mileage oil to work better. The oil change at Walmart charges $35.88 for high-mileage oil.

4. Synthetic Oil Change

The purchaser might expect to get 5 quarts of synthetic motor oil. The kind of synthetic motor oil will be fully-synthetic. The oil filter and chassis lubricator will likewise be incorporated into the service. The charge for this oil change will be $49.88.

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This specific oil change is optional for vehicles that work under dangerous conditions. The customer can imagine the oil continuing for 15,000 miles or a year. Whatsoever comes first.

5. Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

This oil change charges Walmart $39.88 and comprises equal to five quarts of synthetic-blend oil plus a fresh oil filter. The price is identical whether you have a four or a six-cylinder engine.

The service comprises a free-of-charge oil filter and chassis lubricator. You can correspondingly throw in a fuel system cleaner for an extra $12.00.

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Which Oil change Is good for my car?

As any car owner distinguishes, consistent oil changes are indispensable for keeping your vehicle running effortlessly. But with so many dissimilar types of oil on the marketplace, it can be hard to know which one is correct for your car.

The initial step is to see your owner’s manual. Voluminous manufacturers now commend synthetic oil for all of their vehicles, as it delivers a number of benefits over traditional oil. Synthetic oil is intended to endure greater temperatures. And it flows more effortlessly in cold weather, meaning it can defend your engine under various conditions.

It breaks down more gradually than conventional oil, so you can wait a long time between changes. Consequently, synthetic oil is frequently the finest choice for present engines. Nevertheless, it is imperative to note that swapping from conventional to synthetic oil might not be essential if your car is getting on or has an uncomplicated engine.

In these circumstances, traditional oil will probably continue to deliver passable protection. In due course, the finest way to decide which oil change is correct for your car is to refer to a competent mechanic. They will be able to evaluate the situation of your engine and commend the type of oil that will offer the finest consequences.

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Do all Walmart stores have Auto Care centers?

Despite not all Walmart stores having Auto Care Centers, a mainstream of the stores can still deliver an oil change facility for your car. Out of the 10,500+ Walmart stores throughout the nation, there are over 2,500 stores that have Auto Care Centers.

This means that even if an Auto Care Center is a tad far from where you live, it might still be worth going to Walmart for an oil change. This is because of the excellence of service and reasonable prices it offers.


Generally, Walmart is a wonderful place to get your oil changed. They characteristically use high-quality products, and their specialized technicians are dedicated to offering quality service. Maximum oil changes take just 15-30 minutes, so you can be done with it without spending your whole day at the shop.

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