What Happened To Ice Chips Candy After Shark Tank? (2022 Updated)

Ice Chips Candy Shark Tank Update

In Shark Tank Season 4, Beverly and Charlotte pitch Ice Chips. Their candy is popular all over the world. The Ice Chips partners hope to negotiate a deal with the Shark Tank Investors with current year sales of $342,000, and project to be one million dollars by the end of the year.

Company Overview in Shark Tank

Company NameIce Chips Candy
Website/Social Mediahttps://www.icechips.com/
Episode         Season4, Episode 9
Product Offering      Naturally sweetened, xylitol, sugar-free candy
FounderBeverly Vines-haines and Charlotte Clay
Required Investment$250,000 for 15%
Closing Deal$250,000 for 40%
Offered Sharks         Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuben
Current Business StatusIn business

What is Ice Chips Candy?

Ice Chips are manufactured with a xylitol basis, which is a natural sugar replacement. Xylitol has also been demonstrated in trials to help heal damaged enamel, which is probably why dentists recommend it.

Another fascinating feature of Xylitol is that it eliminates germs and bacteria while keeping your breath fresh. Diabetics can enjoy this only-natural sweetener candy. While xylitol appears to have some advantages for humans, it is bad for dogs and can be fatal.

Hence, if you buy some Ice Candy Chips, remember not to share them, at least not with your dog.

How Does Ice Chips Candy Work?

Ice Chips tastes wonderful and contains Xylitol, a natural sweetener that dentists prefer. Their candy contains no chemicals. The only negative side effect is that if you eat a whole tin, you may have diarrhoea.

Ice Chips retails for $1.11 per tin and wholesales for $3.12 per time, with an average sale of $5. Their accounts are being added to and increased.

Ice Chips Candy is available in 17 only-natural flavours divided into five sections. You can select from Mints, Fruits, Fun Chips, Specialty Ice Candy Chips, and Therapeutic Ice Candy Chips.

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Dentists who have tried this only-natural candy, according to Haines & Clary, say it helps maintain good dental health and that they recommend the Ice Chips candy to their patients. The Chips of Ice is also “certified organic”  which is another big advantage.

Who Founded Ice Chips Candy? Founder Backgrounds

Bev Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary have known each other since 1986. They met as two mothers driving their children to church and school in Yelm, Washington. But it wasn’t long before their complementary entrepreneurial energies got them working on a variety of ‘money-making’ businesses and ideas.

They have studied botanical qualities, explored home cures, and utilised their families as test subjects for a variety of concoctions. They have amassed a file full of business cards they’ve made for one concept after another over the years.

They have run a newspaper, created original Murder Mystery Dinner events, operated an advertising and public relations agency, and are usually brimming with ideas.

Bev Vines-Haines is an experienced journalist who has worked for a number of publications. She’s worked in a few ‘regular’ jobs throughout her life, but she’s usually been self-employed or freelance for newspapers and magazines.

Charlotte Clary’s first business venture began when she was very young, when she began picking and selling green beans from her family’s garden throughout her neighbourhood.

Her sole mainstream employment during those early years was three years as a detail rep for Life Savers Candy. She launched a family packaged salad company in the church basement after moving from Spokane to Yelm.

She met Bev in Yelm, and their business adventures began there. Both of them produced Ice Chips Candy, and their lives were forever changed. It took them less than a month to know they would hit on a million-dollar idea.

One flavour led to another, and businesses began to want to stock the candy. Some ideas are so brilliant that they simply make their own path in the world.

That appeared to be the case with Ice Chips Candy. It tasted fantastic, was nutritious, diabetic-friendly, and came in stylish packaging. Investors, manufacturers, and retail behemoths were all interested in Ice Chips.

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Ice Chips Candy Business Before Shark Tank

Beverly Vines-Haines used to work as a romance writer before starting Ice Chips, and the two of them run a business of only-natural body goods together. After a couple years, they changed to making the Xylitol sweet candy. They had their shop built and hired a few workers.

Dentists adore Xylitol because bacteria and germs can’t develop on it, according to Beverly. She stated that she expected them and their grandchildren to have a good time with each other at this time.

Without Beverly and Charlotte’s knowledge, their young child registered to the Shark Tank. They got an audition callback, but could the Sharks go for their sweet concept?

Ice Chips Candy During Shark Tank Pitch

Beverly and Charlotte appeared on stage in Shark Tank. They identified themselves and requested $250,000 from the Sharks in by providing a 15% ownership stake.

They claimed that the sweet ingredient they put in their mints, Xylitol, is the most well-known artificial sweet ingredient in the mint world. Likewise, their Ice Chips are the tastiest and safest xylitol mints available. Most sweet-free candy, Charlotte claimed, tastes like petrified flavour.

Charlotte went on to explain the various varieties of Ice Chip are all great. She went on to say that their mints were made suitable for both children and adults.

Charlotte interrupted, stating that they were focusing all of their efforts on their company. They have progressed much beyond two grandmothers in a garage, she said. Their one compromise, according to Beverly, was having quality time crafting and scraping with their buddies.

Charlotte and Bev claimed that at this point in their life, they had no clue they’d be delivering IceChips all over the world, but they exhibited a wonderful excitement for their business. They’re popular at health grocery stores, and dentists recommend them because they’re good for your teeth.

In 2012, they sold $325K worth of merchandise through online and distribution channels, with the goal of reaching $1 million in sales before the end of the year.Barbara shark likes the candy and offers $125,000 for a third of the company in return for the guarantee of getting Ice Chips into more than 3,000 large retailers.

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Kevin O’Leary is willing to partner with Barbara, but she doesn’t want him to.

Barbara is open to forming a partnership with Mark, and they have offered $250,000 in return for a 40% ownership. Daymond joins the bidding competition, providing $250,000 with 35% of the candy and promising to find a manufacturer.Kevin proposes collaborating to Daymond, but he declines and lowers his proposal to 25%. After seeing all of the bidding, Robert leaves.

Charlotte and Beveryly consider the proposals and determine that Barbara and Mark are the best fit, so they accept Mark and Barbara’s offer of $250,000 for 40% of the company.

Ice Chips Candy Closing Deal in Shark Tank

Bev and Charlotte went to Shark Tank with a goal of raising $250k in exchange for a 15% stake in the company.

Both of them had samples of all 17 of their flavours. The Sharks were impressed by the product, as were the grannies!

Barbara Corcoran approached Mark Cuban with an offer of $125,000 in exchange for 40% ownership of the company. Mark agrees to work on the agreement with Barbara Corcoran. It was accepted by Beverly and Charlotte.

Ice Chips Candy After Shark Tank

After their program aired, Ice Chips noticed a major increase in sales. They received almost 1500 purchases that night, as well as 1000 new retail customers. Their entire Shark Tank value was $300,000. All of this is accomplished without the Sharks’ help or money.

Despite the fact that the contract they arranged with Barbara and Mark fell through, Charlotte and Beverly still could develop their business to an independently sustainable level. The old ladies managed to expand their operators and automate production in 2015.

Current Update: Is Ice Chips Candy Still In Business?

Although the contract with Barbara and Mark fell through following their pitch, the company’s sales increased to $6 million. The company is still growing and can be found on Amazon.

Fans loved the candy, and the grannies traded $300,000 Ice Chips’s value as a result of their participation on Shark Tank! The agreement with Barbara and Mark never went through, but that didn’t matter to Bev and Charlotte because both of them had made it big!

They did so well following the event that they were able to acquire custom candy-making equipment that enabled them to cut production time in half. Sales are increasing, and the number of wholesale accounts has doubled. Their Shark Tank achievement was so impressive that they were featured in a season 4 finale update section. They highlight their innovative production capabilities in the update sector. Fast forward to November 2021, and they’re still in operation with a $5 million annual revenue.

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