What Happened To Thin Gloss After Shark Tank? Thin Gloss Shark Tank Update 2022

Thin Gloss Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank, entrepreneur April Morris introduces Thin Gloss to attract the attention of the Sharks. To succeed as a single parent, April has to rearrange her life and make opportunities where none previously existed.

Due to her early marriage and the subsequent divorce, she was obliged to get a stable career that would allow her to provide for her two children.

She became a full-time property agent and sold more than $9 million worth of property within one year.

After filing resignation letters from her career and launching her own business, debuting Thin Gloss as she believes that it would be successful and open up a new market for the new beauty sector.

Will the Sharks be persuaded and offer her the deal she aimed for?

Company Overview in Shark Tank

Company NameThin Gloss
Episode         Season 2 Episode 5
Product Offering      The appetite-suppressing lip gloss that aids in weight loss
FounderApril Morris
Required Investment$80,000 in exchange for 20% stake
Closing DealNo Deal Offered
Offered Sharks         No Shark Invested
Current Business StatusOut of Business

What is Thin Gloss?

Thin Gloss is a natural compound lip gloss that reduces hunger pangs.

Numerous ladies continue to fight with their weight. The majority of people who want to shed pounds will do whatever is offered to them.

There is nothing more upsetting to those struggling with their weight than being labeled “FAT.” Getting labeled fat drove April Morris to create this business idea, and she wants to make a loud voice for this concept.

How Does Thin Gloss Work?

Hoodia and other natural substances are used to make Thin Gloss.

Some of the most popular weight reduction products include a cactus-similar plant such as hoodia, cultivated in Africa.

The product was very user-friendly. Sniff half an hour prior to eating, then apply thin gloss to the lips for maximum pleasure. Lip gloss may help curb one’s hunger and desire for sweets and salty foods.

When women inhale this magic lip gloss about 30 minutes before eating, they find that it helps them feel full longer and look better. It seemed to April that she would find a new market for cosmetics. A big cosmetics company in India already had a deal with her to commercialize the Thin Gloss.

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Who Founded Thin Gloss? Founder Backgrounds

Express Effects Cosmetics, founded by April Morris, is the company behind the introduction of Thin Gloss.  Thin gloss was the invention of the designer. She marketed it as a modern method to drop weight.

She has two children. She was also plagued by her weight problems. Being branded “chubby” was something she dreaded. As a result, she began using weight loss supplements. Despite the fact that the drugs worked, they were not without their contribution of negative effects.

Having a baby and getting married at twenty years old halted April’s ambitious aspirations for the future. Due to unfortunate circumstances, her marriage conditions reached an ended divorce, and needed to raise two children by herself as a single mother.

As a result of her anxiety, she put on tons of weight and became careless about her well-being. She had to deal with much more backlash for being a fat mom. After experimenting with various weight loss programs without success, she had the bright idea of creating a weight loss-enhancing cosmetics product. In the light of thorough investigation, the concept of Thin Gloss was born.

The unusual journey that resulted in the creation of Thin Gloss started after two female colleagues referred to April as “overweight” at a work-party event.

The plant-like Hoodia that aids in weight loss and appetite suppression was one of the many discoveries throughout her studies.

This creative founder’s goal was to learn more about the positive effects of various smells on a person’s happiness and vigor.

April hoped her innovative product would inspire ladies to slim down and gain confidence.

Thin Gloss Business Before Shark Tank

In her debut video, April Morris demonstrated how to apply lip gloss using a tiny beauty mirror. First, she used a recorded voiceover to say that she had produced a product to aid in the appearance and well-being of women.

The following scenario took place in a business atmosphere. April claimed that starting her own company gave her the confidence to pursue any ambition she had believed to be unrealistic for so long.

After she became pregnant at the age of 17, her life’s goals were “suddenly terminated.” In the following years, she entered into marriage and conceived her second baby. After that, she managed to be a single mother parenting two children on her own after divorcing her husband.

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April was motivated by this to find a way to succeed in spite of her difficulties.

Even though she had a good business concept, she lacked the necessary funds to launch her own firm. After that, April went into the property industry, which brought her a big hit.

As soon as she had enough money to establish her own company, she resigned from her job as a real estate agent and began her Thin Gloss journey.

Thin Gloss During Shark Tank Pitch

April is demanding $80,000 in return for a 20% stake in her firm when she enters the Shark Tank. Before telling her experience, she explains how using diet medications made her nervous and uneasy.

She wondered if there might be a plant or fragrant oil that may assist lift her spirits. When putting lip gloss in front of a red light, she had the concept for a cosmetic product that would deliver such an advantage to ladies.

In her research, she found hoodia, a plant that has been proved to lessen appetite. She infused the space with scents that are said to improve mood and decrease hunger. Even though she doesn’t mention it directly, she indicates that her product is good for ladies who want weight loss.

Robert Herjavec is interested in learning more about how businesses make money. During the previous year, April made her sales volumes reach $26,000, and she aims to target a million dollars in the following year. As of now, she has generated $18,000.

Kevin Harrington asks right away whether she has participated in any research studies. April has met with an FDA attorney and is certain that she makes legitimate accusations.

Despite Mr. Wonderful’s objections, Kevin Harrington explains to her that the before-and-after photographs she uses in her presentation are an implied guarantee of a weight reduction result.

Mr. Wonderful expressed his admiration for things she accomplished with the innovative product, but he could not participate due to legal concerns. He left the house.

Barbara complained about the sales presentation, which had an implicit advantage that might not be defined because of legal difficulties. She also went out.

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Despite Robert’s concerns about her unrealistic aspirations of generating $1 million within a one year time, he had no problem with a shade of grey in her legal issue. After remarking that neither of his companies had developed so quickly, he left the room.

April gave her thank-you speech and left the Shark Tank stage. In her departure interview, she maintained that she had not been disheartened and began to cry. What would have happened if the Shark hadn’t been there to save Thin Gloss?

Thin Gloss Closing Deal in Shark Tank

They were all doubtful of the product’s promises to aid in weight reduction and predicted that it would be challenging to accomplish $1 million selling volumes from their initial sales. As a result, April was unable to get a contract. However, this does not damage her self-confidence in any way.

Thin Gloss Closing Deal in Shark Tank

They were all doubtful of the product’s promises to aid in weight reduction and predicted that it would be challenging to accomplish $1 million selling volumes from their initial sales. As a result, April was unable to get a contract. However, this does not damage her self-confidence in any way.

Thin Gloss After Shark Tank

Upon April’s participation on Shark Tank, she maintains a positive attitude. On the other hand, her self-assurance does not seem to have translated into her targeted achievement.

Episode’s broadcast resulted in a momentary surge in plenty of visitors in her webpage and a transient increase in sales.

She, of course, can prove that she can reach her aspirational million-dollar target with minimal effort because Thin Gloss touched a sympathetic connection with female Shark Tank watchers. So far, the product is no longer available for those hoping to get their hands on Thin Gloss.

Current Update: Is Thin Gloss Still In Business?

The creator discontinued the Thin Gloss line in 2012, as indicated in her YouTube video.

April terminated the production and marketing of Thin Gloss, and she had liquidated her remaining Thin Gloss stock and was ready to move on in 2012.

After that, she dabbled in the profitable industry of inspirational courses for a short period of time. She presently serves as a motivational speaker and a sales consultant for corporations.

Motivating courses were a part of her experimentation for a while. April had been on Shark Tank numerous times before her broadcast aired. Moreover, she maintains her Thin Gloss Facebook page up-to-date with the latest information until only April 2012.

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