Petco Return Policy in 2022 [No Receipt, Damaged, Open + More]

Petco is a well-known pet supply shop in San Antonio as well as San Diego, America. It started off in 1965 and has been a favorite for pet supplies for pet lovers.

What do they offer returns? Do they have a return policy if you don’t have a receipt? Can you return any product, and what is the procedure? Let us find out more about Petco’s return policy today:


What is the Petco Return Policy?

Not pleased with what you bought? Just head back to Petco within a month, and you can get a fund. You can get a refund for anything you bought at the store or even online on their website. Nevertheless, you need to have the product’s original receipt or confirmatory email. If the product is damaged by you or has signs of misuse, Petco might reject the refund case.

You can also return an opened and used a bag of pet food within a month. However, half of the pet food must still be intact. If you want to return a pet you bought, you’ll have to go to the store where you got them. Shipping items back to the warehouse is also an option at times, but the delivery charges will have to be paid by you.

Is Petco’s policy as great as they say?

Petco has a big-hearted return policy in the pet industry. If you’re not pleased with an acquisition, just take it back within a month of buying, and they’ll happily exchange it or even refund it for you. This policy applies to all merchandise apart from medicines or additional medical items. Keep in mind that these will not be returned, no matter the situation.

However, Petco can limit the number of returns you’re making, even if you hold a receipt. Also, to make a return, you must have evidence of purchase and an ID. If you are trying to make a return without a receipt or above the one-month policy, you’ll, unfortunately, be turned back. Still, Petco’s return policy is known to be very accommodating to its customers.

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How can I return any item at Petco?

You can either go to their store or do it through a delivery service. Needless to say, the shipping fees will have to be paid by you, not Petco. If you are sending back any items by mail, the refund will be done as soon as it is received, checked and accepted. In-store returns won’t be charged anything, though.

Go to the store you got it from

It’s better to return your items by going to the store you got them from in the first place. These are the ways in which you can do that effortlessly:

  • Go to your nearby store or preferably the store you purchased it from.
  • Make sure you take along the original receipt and a valid ID.
  • If you bought the item online, print the confirmatory email and take that along as proof.
  • Just walk right into the customer service counter, show them the item as well as the receipt and file for a refund or exchange.
  • The refund will be processed, if applicable, on the spot. You will be refunded in the same manner you paid in the first place.

You can send them back via mail.

To send back your items by mail, you need to parcel and direct them to the corporation’s address. Do you want to send them via a shipping label? Here are a few steps that might help you:

  • You must properly pack the things you want to return. And then just deliver them to the warehouse of the company.
  • This simple procedure can be done within two months of procuring any item.
  • You can talk to any customer service representative if you want more information.
  • They might even provide you the location of any dropbox near your place, and that’ll make things even easier.
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Pet food

Will Petco take my return if I lose the receipt?

No, Petco won’t make any returns without the receipt. If you want to return any product that you bought online, the acquisition confirmation email will function as the receipt. These are used to confirm that you purchased the pieces from Petco. Thereby, customer service representatives are told to refuse the return if you don’t carry the receipt.

To start your return and get a complete refund, you’ll need some sort of proof of purchase, as aforementioned. If you have lost the receipt, you might be able to retrieve it online if you have an account on their website. Try checking out the “Order History” of the Petco account. You might get lucky and find the receipt right there, which you can print. On the other hand, Petco could reject a return if the condition is not good. This is pertinent even if you have the receipt.

Will Petco take my return if I open the package?

Petco will take back any opened item as well. But it has to be within a month of the actual purchase and have an ID and evidence of purchase.

Will Petco take my return if the product is damaged?

Petco will also take back any item if it was damaged or wrecked when you received it. Nevertheless, the store won’t be accepting it if you had anything to do with the damage or accidentally broke it.


Will Petco take my return if the pet has died?

If your pet is regrettably no longer with us, you might be speculating if you can give it back to the store. Yes, you can return a dead pet within a month to Petco for a refund. An assistant will dispose of the dead body for you as well, so you don’t have to.

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Will Petco take my return if I use a debit card?

For merchandise bought by debit card, the repayment is sent to the bank account of the particular card. Bear in mind that Petco manages refunds based on how you paid for them initially.

You would be refunded in cash if you paid in cash for the product. And If the store is short of enough cash, it might give you a cashable check instead.

The nitty gritty

You need to take your receipt to exchange your product. The product has to be in its original condition. Mailing them back the item won’t get you a refund, so be sure not to do that. You have to visit the stores in order to do it.

If you wish to return the product after two months or more, you will get the return as store credit.


Petco has a very accommodating return policy. You can return items in a one-month window after purchase. It applies to products that are opened, given that you have a usable form of ID and the receipt.

However, Petco won’t assist you if you don’t have the receipt. You can return items by going to their store or by a shipment. Furthermore, pets can also be reimbursed in a month, even if they’re deceased.

Petco will give you repayment and dispense with the dead animal. On the other hand, they can reject a refund, even if you have the receipt.

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