What Happened To Show No Towel After Shark Tank? (2022 Updated)

Show No Towel Shark Tank Update

Shelley Ehler is the mother of two boys. When two little kids were in the pool simultaneously, she found it hard to challenge them both at once.

She conceived the idea for Show No Towels at that time. Bath towel and shawl concurrently? That’s possible with this one.

She secured her towel’s patent and provided the license to the water parks in California, such as LEGOLAND, Mountain and Six Flags Magic.

Company Overview in Shark Tank

Company NameShow No Towel
Episode         Season 3 Episode 4
Product Offering      Poncho-style Show No Towel
FounderShelley Ehler
Required Investment$50,000 for 25% ownership
Closing Deal$75,000 for 25% stake
Offered Sharks         Lori Greiner
Current Business StatusOut of Business

What is Show No Towel?

Any clothing may be dressed up or down with this towel wrapping. Thanks to this Show No Towel’s simple concept, nobody will remove your towel if you put it out when you go to the pool area.

Shelley Ehler founded Show No Towels. She is the mother of two boys. She was swimming in the water one day when she realized she could not help her children change them together.

This is where the idea for this creative towel was born. It’s merely a hole-attached bath towel in the middle that acts as a poncho.

They sought to make it simpler and more equitable for pool-goers to locate their towels after they finished swimming. The organisers also made an effort to make the event more pleasant by deterring patrons from stealing towels from individuals’ belongings.

How Does Show No Towel Work?

The Show No concept is that it allows kids to change their swimsuits publicly while preserving modest degrees.

It’s great as a beach blanket or cover-up, too. As part of her plan to spread ShowNo out to water parks, Shelley has approached the Sharks for their support.

In Addition to social networks, the entrepreneur manufactures, distributes, and sells the items straight to the client.

Since she feels it is simpler to offer straight to the customer, she has not entered distribution networks or retail shops like Amazon. Shelley is still making and distributing her goods from her home.

Who Founded Show No Towel? Founder Backgrounds

Shelley Ehler runs a company called Show No Towel. One day she was at the pool, and she discovered herself challenging to help both her kids change simultaneously.

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Show No Towels was born out of that moment. Basically, it’s a poncho-style and hole-attached bath towel in the middle.

It costs $6.50 to produce every Show No Towel, but the water parks sell them at a wholesale price of $9.00 each.  Each of them costs $19.99.

The corporate made the most significant order of 240 Towels, making this newly-business generated sales at $15,000.   It’s no secret that Shelley Ehler is an accomplished businesswoman who transformed an original idea into a thriving company.

They came up with a creative solution to an issue they saw globally and provided it available in the market because they were inspired by it.

Shelley may similarly be characterized in the same way. Families often have experienced the difficulty of finding a location where their toddlers may quickly change their swimming suits and other beach attire.

This talented entrepreneur was inspired by a relatively basic concept, transformed the ideas into a valuable product, and ran a company. One of her best-known accomplishments was swapping custom curtains for a patent application culminating in the Show No patent.

No one believes that it allows toddlers to switch their bathing suits in public while retaining a certain modesty level. It may also be used as a beach blanket or cover-up at the beach.

Show No Towel Business Before Shark Tank

When it came to starting a company, Shelley Ehler had a basic concept that she turned into a successful company.

They came up with a basic answer to a problem they noticed in the environment and implemented it.

Sometimes it’s difficult for families to locate a space where their children can change into and out of their swimming costumes without being hassled.

Such a circumstance may benefit from Shelley’s Show No. Show No is a slit-style towel that its centre is designed to fit over your kid’s head while they are bathing.

This is a fantastic item that your kids will be getting dry quickly no matter how long they are playing in the pool, beach, or bath.

As your kids change their wet clothes, the rest of the towel drapes over their bodies, protecting them from the outside.

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Shelley intends to grow the Show No, although she has established it by herself and has had some accomplishments with it thus far.

To boost sales and spread awareness about her brand, she hopes to offer her products to amusement and water parks.

Therefore, she really needs support to achieve her objective. Shelley’s goal was to get some help from the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Show No Towel During Shark Tank Pitch

She is approaching the Sharks for guidance and assistance because she chooses to put Show No on display at water park attractions.

At the pitch, Shelley requested $50,000 for 25% of ownership in her company, which had a worth of $200,000. Afterward, she gave every shark a special Shark Tank print towel that she and her sons had worn when posing for photos for the show.

Many Sharks were very fond of Shelley, even though she had only made $15,000 in sales. They could tell that she had a strong will and was not afraid to try new things.

Robert admired Shelley, but he’s not on board with the Show No, so he’s out of the running. Even Kevin did not like the product and decided not to participate.

Daymond John made the offer of $50,000 in exchange for a 50% share in the company. Lori Greiner responded right after with a $50,000 check for a 25% stock investment, which she wrote right then afterwards.

In return for a 20% share in the company, Daymond offered $50,000. As a result, Mark made a counteroffer of $75,000 for the sake of a 25 percent stake in the business.

With a 25% ownership in the corporate, Daymond and Lori raised up their proposal to $75,000, and then Lori played “the feminine card.”

After consulting her spouse, Shelley agreed to the offer from Shark Lori and stepped out of the show with her desired cheque.

Show No Towel Closing Deal in Shark Tank

In the end, Shelley was able to negotiate a 25% stake in the company for $75,000.

Show No Towel After Shark Tank

After granting investment from her successful pitch in the Shark Tank, Shark Lori has taken immediate action to bring Show No Towel to the TV and successfully get its display in the souvenir shop in Disney World’s water park, triggering the sales result that was so excellent.

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In the absence of a new order from Disney, Shelley is seeking an additional order via a licensing arrangement.

Shelley continually hits the streets at trade fairs to expand her distribution channels. Aside from going to a number of trade shows, she has been working to secure distribution deals at each one.

Numerous water parks throughout the nation now stock the Show No; Shelley sells it to members of local swim clubs.

Shelley’s involvement with Shark Lori and her company seems limited in the near future, but Shelley remains unfazed by this setback.

A contract for mass production has not yet been signed, and so all business products are being manufactured handmade in Shelley’s home. Currently, Shelley is working on a 3D poster company as one of her new endeavours.

Shelley’s journey to the Shark Tank Show was paved with a series of fortunate events, none more significant than Oprah Winfrey’s short words, which forever altered her trajectory. Shelley had a fantastic product, but something was lacking in her that prevented her from achieving her full potential.

Oprah remarked on her last program that you must learn how worthy you are and do feel your worthiness and unlock yourself and get ready to receive, remarked by Oprah on her last program.

Oprah’s remarks had a profound impact on Shelley’s life, which ultimately drove her down the road that finally got her to a contract with Lori in Shark Tank. Your grandest desire may be out of reach, but are you up to the challenge? Doorways that “Always” open are only possible if you trust in it.

Current Update: Is Show No Towel Still In Business?

In the presentation, the firm was worth $200,000, but once Lori invested, its valuation soared to $300,000.

Shelley ceased business in 2016 for personal reasons; as of 2021, the value of Shelley’s wealth is uncertain.

In 2018, she reopened the firm and sold the items on the internet, but the business will shut its doors again in August 2020. 

Entering into an agreement with Lori Greiner after Shark Tank didn’t work out for six years, stated Shelley in a blog article last August. “At a single point, they blasted the invested shark for kicking them”, Shelley continued. Customers may no longer buy Show No Towels from Show No’s online store.

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